English Sightseeing Tour in Vienna

7. Jun 2022HAS

On 7th of June our class, 2AS, went to the first district of Vienna. We spent our English lessons there as we were asked to prepare group presentations about important sights. We were divided into seven groups and played our role as tourist guides as we walked through Vienna. Each group had to present another sight so everybody could learn something new about the city we live in.

Overall, we visited seven sights. First, we stopped at the Stephansdom which is an old cathedral in the city centre. Then we visited the Natural Historical Museum. Here you can learn about extinct animals and different epochs. The group who presented the Black Death Pillar talked about a serious illness and its consequences for Europe. Other presentations were about the Imperial Palace, the Spanish Riding School, the National Library or the Historical Museum of Arts.

“Our personal highlight was the black death pillar. It was interesting for us to learn about the plague and its background story. For example, we found out that the “black death” was a huge disaster for all of Europe”, Elma and Ramona.

“Every tourist should definitely go visit the museums in Vienna. You can learn a lot about art, culture and history of our country,” Marjam and Ismet

“Personally, we think the Spanish Riding School was best because there were horses and they were trained pretty well,” Tuanna and Makka

“We liked the St. Stephen’s Cathedral because we went in and could see the church from inside,” Jovana and Aida.

“It was great that we went outside for our presentation but personally, I think there should have been a longer break for us to relax”, Zehra and Kübra.

(Verfasst und gestaltet von den Schüler:innen der 2AS).

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