2CK watches the Movie – “Avatar the way of the water”

3. Mrz 2023HAK

On the 3 of March 2023, our class the 2CK, went to the Haydn Kino in the 6th district, to watch the movie “Avatar- the way of the water”.

The movie was in 3D and about three hours long. The time went by way quicker than expected thanks to how captivating the graphics and the storyline were. The tense music that was playing during the battle scenes really drew you in. It was a very fun day and the movie was very good, because there were unexpected moments like the death of a character, scary moments like shooting scenes which were very thrilling, funny scenes because the characters said some amusing lines but also because the class made them hilarious.

A highlight was the recap in the beginning of the movie, where we got a quick glance on what happened between the first and the second movie. We definitely found the ending scenes very sad and emotional, because (spoiler alert!) the eldest son of Jake Sully died! That was very heartbreaking to watch.

Overall, the film was very enjoyable and it’s a great movie to watch with your friends and family. The film is sci-fi and fictional, if you enjoy one of these genres, we are sure you would like this movie.

(written by students of 2CK)

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